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AI-Magine Photo Experience

Our AI-Magine Photo Experience is truly on the cutting edge of technology. Step up to our booth, no backdrop needed, take a photo, and instantly transform yourself into a wizard or an atronaut, travel through different time periods, see famous artists' renditions of your portrait, and so much more! There are no limits to the imagination and our AI-Magine Photo Experience is the closest you can get to that freedom in photo booth form!

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Imagine if you were..

How it works

1. Choose Your Themes

This is the time to get creative! Let our team know what you are looking to accomplish with your event theme(s) and we will generate your custom AI concepts to match. The sky is the limit! We like to limit the standard amount of themes to 5 different options but if you are looking to add more please let us know. 

2. During the Event

Your guests will walk out to the photo booth, choose their favorite theme, choose their favorite overlay artwork, and take a photo. They can then send their photo to themselves via email or text message. The photo is processed over the cloud and is ready instantly for viewing on their device!

3. Collecting the Memories

After your event, all of the regular photos and the AI generated photos are compiled, edited, and uploaded onto your private online photo gallery. You will have access to view and download the whole album, send the link to your guests, and order products such as large prints of your photos, collages, photo books, and more!


Standard features


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