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Drive sales
Engage your audience
Promote your brand

At PhotoMeBooth we specialize in customizing the photo experience to help our clients grow their business and solidify their brand name through the creation of real and unique engagement projects.

Connecting data and content, that delivers effective one-on-one personalized marketing to your customer, is vital to keeping your brand on top-of-mind and building customer loyalty. If you're looking to see fast, authentic results in your marketing campaign, let us assist you in creating an interactive experience that people can't help but want to be a part of.

Customize the experience

Privacy is everything

In the age of digital media, consumers are much more mindful of their privacy and data security..

and they should be. 

Using dedicated lead generation and online marketing software we are able to provide your customers the security blanket they need by protecting their privacy, data, and financial details through GDPR/CCPA disclaimer prompts and opt-in options. Building this trusting relationship with your customers will create loyal brand advocates who understand and engage with your brand values. 

Stick out among the crowd

Brand recognition is incredibly important and there is no better way to build awareness than simply sticking out and obtaining a strong presence to your audience. We make sure that our client's look their very best with options to provide: custom email and sms marketing templates, flyers and pamphlets, digital graphics/animations, full booth wraps, high-quality printed backdrops and enclosures, fabricated prop sets, and so much more! 

Get in touch

Do you have a vision for your next marketing campaign but don't know where to start? Contact our team and one of our event specialists will work with you from start to finish by providing insight from real past case studies, designing your digital and physical graphics and artwork, and formulating a mindful strategy to drive results for your business.

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